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In the Making



Stephen Gottlieb filmed in 1979 for the In the Making Series  and posted on Vimeo with rights cleared.


Second in 10 part series on arts & crafts in Britain and broadcast in1980, this film visits Stephen's Clerkenwell workshop. It explains the various processes. Shaping ribs of lute over heated bending iron (2.00-2.30); gluing together & removing from mould (2.45-5.01); veneering mahogany neck & gluing fingerboard (6.00); attaching fingerboard & nailing neck to body (7.50-10.05); carving rose design on sound board & fixing to base (10.26-12.30); shaping & fixing pegs (12.30-14.30) & attaching gut strings & frets (14.30-17.10); tuning instrument (17.10-18.20) & Christopher Wilson playing finished lute (18.20-19.44).