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I am usually willing to carry out repairs and adjustments to lutes, and players should make an appointment to bring their instrument in for inspection. I can sometimes give a firm price on the spot, but usually need to do this kind of work at an hourly rate. With particularly extensive work, I try to give an upper and lower limit estimate, but it will be understood that this can be difficult if an instrument has to be opened to be inspected first.


There are not many old lutes suitable for returning to playing condition today, and the various restorations I have carried out during my career have mostly been to museum instruments, where the intention was to remove inappropriate parts, and to strengthen and stabilise the structure - in other words, to keep the evidence of history intact. Details of some of my restored instruments are on these links:

Cinthius Rotundus | Anon guitar | Sellas | Rauwolf | Langenwalder | Railich | Minor restorations