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My 2013 price list can be downloaded here.

Prices range from 3472 for an undecorated 6-course lute to 9556 for a large, many-ribbed and decorated English theorbo. Student discounts may be available.

Instruments are made to order after detailed consultation with the customer to decide the model, materials and string spacings. The price is fixed at the time of ordering, and I give an approximate delivery date.

The lute family is very varied, in type, style, size and decoration, and pricing quickly becomes complicated. I have tried to keep it simple by having a list of lute types in three basic styles plain, veneered and decorated. These are then varied by size of lute, and number of ribs of which the back is made (which roughly relates to the time it takes to make the back). All Renaissance and Baroque lutes are assumed to have a ‘standard’ back of 11 ribs.

All chitarroni and archlutes are priced for many-ribbed yew backs. Rosewood, or similar hard woods cost 3% more as they take longer to make in these materials. I do not make a ‘plain’ version of any of these instruments.

Prices do not include cases, or packing and delivery

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