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I make some useful accessories for lute players.

Many will find a strap helpful for maintaining good posture, and this is a very simple design, a velvet ribbon, available in two widths, with a leather tab at one end and a noose with slipknot at the other. This can be looped over the pegbox, and easily adjusted to length. 12 and 18

A longer version, in the wider width ribbon, is made for chitarrone and archlute players, on the same system. It can also be made with a second short length to sit on, which some players find stabilises the instrument well. 25 and 30

I can also make straps of decorated ribbons at extra cost.

Occasionally pegs are very stiff, or simply a little small, and a peg turner is a useful accessory. This is a very simple tool, a turned wooden handle with a leather padded slot for the peg, and flat sides to prevent it rolling about. 20

Finally, many players like a non-slip cloth for the knees, and I have found that suede fits this purpose very well. I can supply circular cut pieces in a variety of colours. 15

Straps need a small and firmly fixed endbutton in the endclasp, 6 to 10mm diameter.

This can easily be fitted if necessary.