Jane Dorner
Jane Dorner


Personal gallery

The online gallery (see left) shows a random collection of some of my work.

I use the term 'designer' as a catch-all for my artistic work. In my youth, I won several art competitions -- one was for a Mediterranean cruise (wasted on me then). I also went (briefly) to Hornsey Art School before starting as an art editor in publishing.

Writing eventually took over and is my current form of expression. I diverted for a decade back to the arts and did an MA in Glass. I then began to express my preoccupations in installation glass pieces. The rationale of my glass studies is on my glasslog page and pictures of work-and-progress are at http://glasspages.blogspot.com

My book A Life in 490 Recipes (2014) explores my lifelong dualism balancing the artistic life with the writing life.