Jane Dorner
Jane Dorner


Selected gallery pieces

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On show at the International Festival of Glass (August-September 2012)

Living with Glass, Vessel Gallery, Kensington (September 2011)
Sold at Albany Gallery, Cardiff (March 2011)
Matching circles - 2 of 5 pieces sold at SOFA, New York (April 2010)
SOFA 2010


Three of 8 pieces shown (March-April 2010) in 7 artists from England, Eastern Netherlands: De Aventurijn Kunstbemiddeling:
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 Click to enlarge the picture Blue egg 1 appears on my page in the gallery at www.craftmaker.co.uk/janedorner. The gallery is run by craft&design Magazine



Sold at the Koukan Gallery, October 2009 or the CHASE auction

Sold at Zest Gallery 16 July to 29 August 2009


sold at SOFA, New York (April 2009) [middle, penultimate row]


Sold at The Glass Menagerie, Corning, New York (October 2009)


T-shirt design and exhibit for Glass Collaborations (June 2009) Corning, New York
Koukan gallery (November 2008) - my pieces in the window and along the wall