Jane Dorner
Jane Dorner

Christmas Cards 1979 - 2022

2022 - a mioriama of folly landscape cards to be arranged in any order but only a few spell out a seasonal carol and new year's greetings.

2021 - a fold-out card

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2020 - a pullout card

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2019 - a matchbox version of the Book of Stuff [PDF file of the booklet]


inside pages

2018 - a heads, body and legs anti-Brexit card.

2017. Puzzling scales.

2016. No card.

2015. Happy and sad face domino game.

2014. Concert CD

2013 (front). Blood test form - more upbeat than fate decided.

2012. A6 8-page booklet of family recipes

2011 A3 card - a board game about the family year

2010 An 8-page passport - first and penultimate pages shown.








2009 Hover over the figure to see the other side of the card. It is a variation on the Liar's Paradox, Popper's Black Swan and Jourdain's Paradox and your interpretation of it will depend on what your own view of the existence of Father Christmas is, and therefore whether the three statements can co-exist.

2008 New Year's booklet about glass


2007-8 Christmas and New Year's card


2006 Climbers


arrives like this ....                unfolds into a tree decoration

turns into a triangle ...                     on the back: one-sentence catch-up on all the family

2005 (a square unfolds into a triangle with mini biogs as presents 'under the tree')


2004 (make-it-yourself Christmas ornament)


2003 (peepshow in four layers showing feasting father Christmases [digital printing])


2002 (personalised envelopes and family stamps with 'first-day cover' mini biographies  [own colour printer])


2001 (a peace statement (post 11 September) sliding puzzle merging various cultural emblems [own colour printer on bought blank])


2000 (drinking game and puzzle [own colour printer])


1999 (a set of 7 tangram pieces that had to be arranged in patterns)
1998 (a folding card that opened out into four different squares for four seasons [colour photocopying and hand-assembly])
1997 (the fold of the first finger knuckle supplies a knickerless rider [colour photocopying and hand cutting])


1996 (self-assembly jumping jack [colour photocopying]) 1995 both pop-up and online


1994 (reversible faces -- hover the mouse to see change [colour photocopying])  


1993 (put your fingers through the holes for mother Christmas to kick [colour photocopying])


1992 (mix-and-match playing cards)  1991 (spin cards to make the rider balance on the reindeer) 

1990 panorama cards that can be arranged in any order but only one order spells the greeting 


1989 (anamorphic view which resolves itself when a mirror tube is placed in the centre [photocopy and hand-colouring])

1988 (post-modernist statement - no card)


1987 (duck puzzle [printed])

1986 (the mule and rider puzzle - after Sam Lloyd [printed] - hover the mouse to see solution) 

  1985 (hand cut-out reindeer)  

1984 (acrobats jumping on a string - hover mouse to see them jump - all hand-made)   


1983 (flick book of father Christmas playing the cello [photocopy and hand-colouring)


1982 (angels and devils paper engineering -- hover mouse to see pulled card)


1981 (Zoetrope cello player - photocopy and hand-colouring)


1980 (mother Christmas doing the can-can [screenprint]-- hover mouse to see inside)


1979 (linocut of family with hand typesetting -- first of 'married' series; the rest from childhood.)