Jane Dorner
Jane Dorner


Sometimes I wonder what the distinction between ‘author’ and ‘writer’ really is. Authors, I think, write books. The publisher’s imprimatur puts a stamp of ‘authority’ on the work. But the boundaries are unclear. I have chosen to list my published works here and my other writings under the writer button. 

My three books are self-published because they are my story: A Life in 490 Recipes 2014 - click on the jacket to download 26 sample pages (PDF 4 Mb).  The Egg and Card Book 2018 (20 pages PDF 1 Mb). The Stuff of Life 2020 (16 pages PDF 2 MB). The last is available for 20 from www.paypal.com/paypalme/JaneDorner - you log in and change the sum to 20 and follow onscreen instructions.


Conventionally published books


Click on a jacket for more about each book.

My Special Alphabet Book (Jessica Kingsley Books - 2021) Illustrated by me with a soft toy I designed to accompany it
Writing Bids and Funding Applications
(Oxford University Press - 2004)
Writing for the Internet
(Oxford University Press - 2002)
Creative Web Writing
(A & C Black - 2002)
The Internet: A  Writer's Guide
(A & C Black: 2000, 2nd Edition 2001) 
A-Z of Instrument Care (Orpheus: 1997)
Writing on Disk: An A-Z Handbook of Terms, Tips and Techniques for Authors and Publishers
(John Taylor Book Ventures: 1992)
Authors and Information Technology, Report No. 52, BNBRF (British Library: 1992)
Practice Cycle
(Curtis Thompson: 1986)
Fashion in the 40s and 50s
(Ian Allan: 1975) 
(Octopus: 1974)
Fashion in the 20s and 30s
(Ian Allan: 1973) 
People of Elizabethan England
(Wayland: 1973)
Fairs and Markets
(Wayland: 1973)
(Wayland: 1973) 
Cortes and the Aztecs
(Longman: 1972)
Newgate to Tyburn
(Wayland: 1972) 
Poems from a Competition
ed. (Blond: 1971) 


'Professional Authorship in the Electronic World', The New Writing Environment (Springer Verlag) 1996
Poems published in The Dybbuk of Delight (Five Leaves) 1995
'New Challenges in Publishing', Computers and Writing: Issues and Implementations (Kluwer Press) 1992
Manual for Fleet Street Editor
(Mirrorsoft: 1988)
Manual for Imagemaster
(Wordcraft: 1988) 
'Get GridClubbing', Oracle and Channel 4, 2001
'How to Think.com', Oracle 2001
'The PC User Help Directory', PC User, 1987
'A Starter Guide to Personal Computing', PC User, 1987
'Prepare Your Book for Direct Setting', Crosby Lockwood, 1988
'A Buyers' Guide to Word-processors', PC User, May, 1989

and too many reports to list

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