Jane Dorner
Jane Dorner


New Media Writing

Some thoughts on digital media are in my book Creative Web Writing. I am not sure the public yet understands what interactive new media can offer. That is why arts organisations need to offer support so that creative artists can afford to explore. This medium is in its infancy. It has taken 100 years for film to be the area flooded by arts graduates. A project I still hope to find time for is a piece of digital art provisionally titled, 'I list to exist'. The intention is to get away from the vertical concept of self, striving for upwards achievement, and look at other ways of defining who one is by viewing cross-sections of various activities over time.

I have contributed to a collaborative fiction called M is for Nottingham which is no longer online.

In 2003 I was lucky enough to create an installation to transmute my speech on the occasion of CLA's 20th anniversary into water and light by programming the fountains in the courtyard at Somerset House. The theme of copyright was expressed in a timed choreography of water jets with interplays of coloured light.