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AirBnB supper
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Silent Three

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AirBnB supper for three 28 March 2024

vermouth & bread sticks in the folly


fish mould with cranberry & pecan toasts

slow-cooked venison with sour cherries and juniper
buttered cabbage
mashed parsnip and potato
home-made redcurrant jelly

 green salad


English cheddar and goats’ cheese with home-made quince cheese and seed biscuits

 pple crumble with cream, Florentines and a white strawberry

50th Birthday Supper for 27 guests

Captain's Supper for 32 guests October 2023

chicory boats with walnut, pear and blue cheese

 Elizabethan venison with dates & quince and redcurrant jelly

v. pumpkin puffs with roasted red and yellow peppers

buttered potatoes
red cabbage
green salad

 cheeses & grapes

poppyseed roulade
apple strudel

AirBnB supper 27 July 2023

quails eggs & vermouth in the folly

 tarte au poireau

watermelon bulgar cucumber salad

aubergine croquettes

mushroom, red pepper and onion


wine-baked peaches & ice-cream

Silent 3 supper 25 January 2023

duck paté with black bread

 filo veggie tart
charlotte potatoes

 cheese board with grapes

 raspberry roulade

Airbee supper 29 October 2021

cocktails: home-made Vermouth with prosecco and Campari
+ tapenade toasts and radishes

red pepper and goats’ cheese tart
asparagus gratin
onion-stuffed aubergines
leeks and cavalo nero with roasted artichokes
Halloween potatoes

green salad

orange-almond cake with blueberries


Palindrome supper 02 02 2020

evil olive + drat such custard

 reed deer
potato idiot atop
redder otomato

salad alas
lion oil

bel paese à pleb

not a banana baton

gorge grog + naïve Evian

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Silent Three dinner 14 January

cauliflower kuku

mushroom lasagne
roast tomatoes
sweet potato, mangetout and peanut salad
spiced carrot
green salad

 cheeses and grapes

 rosewater and saffron pannacotta with pistachio brittle

reds and whites

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Celebration Birthday Banquet 6 May

home-brewed negroni cocktails
vegetable crisps

 aubergine pavé with egg decoration

 rosé de Provence

broccoli & anchovy velouté

mushroom parcels with white truffle oil

red pepper tart
roasted parsley root
heritage carrots

 Grand Corbin-Despagne 2006, St Emilion

melon, cucumber, feta and avocado salad

cheeses with beetroot crispbreads, quince jelly and fig cake

 tangerine jellies, blood orange granita, candied spiced orange, orange chocolate mousse, orange almond tuiles

 chocolate caramels with coffee

 Clos Haut-Peyraguey 2007, Sauternes



AirBnB Supper 2 March

negroni cocktails with home-brewed vermouth
handmade vegetable crisps and avocado pinwheels 

gougère de vacherin with crushed peas and red pepper garnish 

venison pie
roasted carrots and parsnips
celeriac mash

 mango, spinach and watercress salad with medjool dates

cheeses with quince jelly & grapes

caramel icecream with tangerine jellies and orange-almond cake

Red, White and Orange Valentine's Menu

smoked trout pinwheels

red chard pithiviers with chervil root and artichoke crisps

glazed onions, heritage carrots, red pepper batons

pink and white leaf salad 

with beetroot crispbreads

torta de naranja Sevilliana

Silent Three Supper for 12

stuffed aubergines

game pie or tart au potiron
carrots Vichy, hassleback potatoes


a whole brie and black grapes

chocolate meringue cake

Ladies' 12th Night

spinach Christmas tree

garlic custard and onion & black olive tart
kimchi pancake
purple and orange glazed carrots
celeriac remoulade

rocket and tomato salad

12 treats platter

Isle of Wight Themed

5-striped Alum Bay vegetable terrine

Cowes beef casserole
smugglers lentil cookpot

rice and salad

Cox’s apple and red fruit lighthouses with brownie sand and meringue cliffs

cheese board

 Opera Auction Supper
(This menu was much more than £25 pp with the wines as well)

ring canapés

Freia’s Vermouth Spritz – 1/3 bianco, 2/3 Prosecco
Ring’s Ginger Sour – ginger liqueur, lemon juice, Cava
Wotan’s Negroni – 1/3 rosso, 1/3 gin, 1/3 Campari

 Curtain up

mushroom parcels with Croatian white truffle oil
homemade bread basket

 Exhibition Chablis

 Act 1

tournedos Rossini with Madeira sauce, homegrown shallots and my garden whitecurrant jelly
tiân of summer vegetables  

Ducru Beaucaillou, Grand Cru classé Saint-Julien 1990 


watermelon, cucumber and avocado salad with edible flowers

 shotglass of essence of tomato

 Act 2

cheese board with homemade beetroot crispbreads and perada

 Ducru Beaucaillou 1990 


cassata icecream with orange-almond tuiles

 Doisy-Daëne Barsac 2004

 Bouquets and applause

handmade chocolates


30 June

welcome daiquiri with assorted canapés
caulifritta; smoked salmon boats; haloumi 

crespéou (Provençale omelette cake)

home-made black bread

 saumon en croute, lemon sauce, buttered samphire
and a tiân of summer vegetables

fennel, watermelon, celery and almond salad

cheese board with homemade beetroot crispbreads and date chutney

summer pudding with lime ice-cream and basil jelly

petits fours

27 May

welcoming Pimms
mini salmon-topped potatoes; kale crisps; radishes

bread rolls



whitebait al forno 

chicken filo pie with carrot-swede mash and asparagus

 watermelon, red onion, avocado and feta salad


cheese board with homemade beetroot crackers & japonica membrillo

 balsamic strawberries, strawberry ice-cream, basil and mint gelée, rhubarb crisps, baked strawberry slices and air-dried strawberry crunch

 caramel chocolates and orange-almond fours

29 April

welcoming cocktail: espresso vodka & amaretto fizz with gold leaf
beetroot, parsnip + kale crisps & angels on horseback

black and white home-made rolls

liver parfait with plum confit
cauliflower paté

tourte Béarnaise à la lotte

vegetarian: kuku from the Peacock throne of Persia

carrots and parsnips Vichy

 potato medley


 cheese board with japonica membrillo and vegetable crispbreads

 pear frangipane

home-made chocolate caramels

24 March

welcoming cocktail: apple gold bite
chicory boats and parsnip crisps

bread basket (made of bread) filled with black bread rolls

 prawn parcels with courgette ‘string’

 navarin de mouton

pommes de terre à la Roxelane

green beans

veggie option: aubergine, tofu and halumi bake


kale & apple salad with mustard dressing and purple carrot garnish

cheeses with homemade Mexican chocolate cheese biscuits and japonica membrillo

rhubarb-frangipane woven tart with orange ice cream

petits fours

26 February

welcoming cocktail: passionfruit Martini with canapés of
chilli almonds
& artichoke crisps

 mushroom Polonaise

Hungarian pörkölt

horseradish mash

red cabbage with plums and cranberries

[vegetarian option: spinach tart]


 cheese board with damson membrillo


tangerine striped jellies and Christmas spiced ice-cream

marzipan boules

 petits fours

29 January 2016

arrival complementary cocktail: plum & prosecco smash
with canapés
chilli almonds, parmesan biscuits and mini tartlets

 chicken liver parfait with home-made bread
or vegetarian sweet potato tortilla

 venison pie with celeriac remoulade and seasonal vegetables
vegetarian option: Middle Eastern eggah


stilton served with spinach & cauliflower-turmeric-chilli crispbreads and perada

 pistacchio soufflesque with damson coulis

 petits fours

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10 December

arrival complementary cocktail: limoncello mojito
with canapés

parmesan lollipops, goats’ cheese & fig tartlets, cauliflower & broccoli squares

mushroom zhulien

 saffron poussin with honey-hazelnut topping
Jansson’s temptation
green beans

 [vegetarian option: spinach and artichoke galette]

quince jelly and pumpkin chutney

 mixed salad

 cheeses on homemade carrot and walnut crispbreads with japonica membrillo

 caramelised white chocolate in a dark chocolate dome, white chocolate ice-cream, orange-almond tuiles and damson coulis

 petits fours

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27 November

arrival complementary cocktail: gin fizz
with canap
homemade parmesan biscuits, spinach-artichoke little puffs, baby baked potatoes

 mushroom parcels

lamb tagine
roasted aubergine slices

[vegetarian option: cauliflower-chestnut galette]


 cheeses with homemade beetroot and parsnip crackers

 pommes Normandes en belle vue with white chocolate ice-cream

  petits fours

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30 October 2015

arrival complementary cocktail: gin & pink Cava
with canap
 homemade parmesan biscuits, mini prawn-topped potato halves and walnut tartlets

 a symphony of tomatoes
a shot glass of the essence
baby tomatoes stuffed with goats’ cheese
cube of jelly
a tomato-pesto tartlet
slice of yellow tomato with balsamic glaze

venison casserole
mashed potatoes
buttered cabbage

[vegetarian option: chestnut galette]


cheeses with homemade beetroot and parsnip crispbreads

pumpkin pie and cream

coffee or tea with petits fours (marzipan nobs, chocolate marquise, hazelnut bonbons, whisky sours)

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