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Handel's Xerxes performed at Fitzwilliam College in November 2007 ' is the brainchild of Michael Downes (Music Director, Fitzwilliam College) and director Sally Bradshaw, for whose vision and expert tuition no praise is high enough. Easily the best evening’s entertainment in Cambridge.' Robert Johnson, 2008

Students who have been on Sally's courses say:

'It was a privilege to be taught by such a wonderful and knowledgeable tutor.'

'There was a wonderfully supportive feel from the group as a whole which was largely due to the skills of the tutor in enabling us to relax with each other. I made a huge improvement in my understanding of the techniques used in singing and I surprised myself.'

'I was really looking forward to the weekend but it surpassed all my expectations!'

'Exceedingly empathetic tutor - thank you.'

'The group settled into the course quickly thanks to the skill and empathy of the leader. In two days we learned a great deal with reinforcement carefully timed to ensure that much of it will remain with us and influence our singing in the future.'


email: sally@songful.net