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Debussy: Panpipes
The Art of Noise
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Debussy: On being blue
The Art of Noise
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Debussy: Born on Sunday
The Art of Noise
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Sally's higher education started with studying for a degree in English at Cambridge University. On leaving she went straight to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where she did a three-year Associateship (AGSM) course. She then won an Allcard Fellowship to study privately in Paris with one of her idols, Regine Crespin. Sally then worked with several teachers in London, including Ilse Wolf, Helga Mott and finally Eduardo Asquez and Myra Ross, who grounded her in the Italian Bel Canto and allowed her to sing in opera thereafter.

Throughout her years of study she supported herself by writing and translating from French and Italian. Sally was brought up bilingual in French and this has influenced her work. At one time she ran a French Song class at Morley College and she has an abiding fondness for Offenbach operetta. 

She has recorded 15 Debussy songs for an album with the Art of Noise and there are plans for a recording of Faur songs.

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email: sally@songful.net