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first novels

We are unable, for the time being, to consider first novels by unknown authors. This is partly due to logistical problems generated by the c.1500 proposals per year we have been receiving; also to: (a) the high editorial investment required to develop any first novel for publication, and (b) the increasing difficulty of achieving break-even with a first novel by an unknown author. This page will be updated when the position changes.

other books

Our priority commitment is to our established authors and at present our Black Ace list resources are at full stretch with a crop of new books by those authors. Accordingly, we can't consider submissions from any new authors until the pressure eases. This page will be updated when the position changes.


We always advise authors against 'vanity' or 'subsidy' publishing. Self-publishing (where the author takes the initiative, and establishes her or her own imprint) can often be viable for non-fiction. It works best when the subject is specific, the market easily targeted, and the author/publisher is both expert in the field and highly motivated to publish and sell.

For fiction, self-publishing is seldom advisable, and it should never be undertaken by anyone who cannot afford to risk making a loss.

If a time should come when, having considered the pros and cons, you resolve to self-publish, then Black Ace Book Production may be able to help you. Write or fax a brief description of your project and requirements, and we'll send you further details.

We take every reasonable care of materials sent to us but do not accept any responsibility for them and shall assume that any documents received are disposable copies and not unique originals.