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In the Pipeline

Pipeline projects approaching completion which will either be published under our own Black Ace imprint or else sublicensed to other publishers if appropriate:

new edition completed

FRANCIS GALTON by Derek Forrest. An extensively revised and expanded edition of Prof. Forrest's authoritative and arguably definitive biography of Sir Francis Galton, one of the most brilliant and controversial intellects of the Victorian age. 

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new editions

NATANA by Mercedes Claras
. New and slightly revised edition of the first novel by this exceptionally prolific author. 

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TENNANT'S ROCK by Steve McGiffen. UK edition of this outstanding first novel set in 19th-century America.

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THE WATERLOO WOODS IN RETREAT by Lorn Macintyre. A substantially revised and expanded edition of Lorn's WWI novel which was first published in 1996 as Empty Footsteps and is also the third of Lorn's Chronicles of Invernevis. 

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TO ANSWER THE PEACOCK by Brian McNeill. First paperback edition of the second thriller in Brian's Busker series. 

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THE WISHDOCTOR'S SONG by Hunter Steele. This second novel is a black comedy also starring sex, drugs & rock-'n'-roll in the early 1970s. 

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NO CONCESSIONS by Mercedes Claras
. Sixth novel by this half-Catalan author: set principally in Barcelona during most of the 20th century until the death of Franco.

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Previous fiction by Mercedes.

INFAMOUS IMPOSTOR? by Derek Forrest. Subtitled `The case of the Tichborne Claimant'. Was the Claimant an impostor, or not? In any case, did he receive a fair trial? Prof. Forrest tells this engrossing true story with assured lightness of touch and irony, and with an emphasis on the forensic implications of the case. This merit of the work has been recognized by Michael Mansfield QC, who has contributed an excellent Foreword.

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BEYOND OUR CONTROL by Hunter Steele. Philosophical essay, subtitled `Everything about our selves'

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