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Paperback Fiction

Futon Fever by Dawn Anderson. ‘A comedy of mating-game errors.’ ‘Hugely funny, brilliantly written, one of those books you don’t want to end.’ Press & Journal. ISBN: 978-0006514480, PBK, RRP 9.95.

The Sound of My Voice by Ron Butlin. ‘One of the greatest pieces of fiction to come out of Britain in the ‘80s.’ Irvine Welsh. ‘A unique work of fiction.’ Herald. (Order paperback edition from Serpent's Tail.)

Imelda by John Herdman. `This subtle, assured little masterpiece should go a long way to placing him amongst our foremost writers.'  Books in Scotland. ISBN: 0-7486-6140-9, PBK, RRP 9.95.

Ghostwriting by John Herdman.  `A dark, cautionary tale, utterly compelling and charged with Herdman's unwavering sense of irony and his sharp satirical wit.' Scotsman. ISBN: 0-7486-6211-1, PBK, RRP 9.95.

My Wife's Lovers by John Herdman. 'Ten stories that in their wit, their sense of a lice tradition and their flashes of scary humour, are vintage Herdman, stories to linger over and savour.' Scotland on Sunday.
ISBN 978-1872988-77-1, PBK, RRP 9.95

The Sinister Cabaret by John Herdman. 'Style, wit and erudition beyond question ... a fiction writer of skill and ingenuity whose constant shifts and turns perplex and beguile his readers as he weaves prose narratives of surreal power and sharp satirical bite.' John Burnside.
ISBN 978-1872988-57-, PBK, 1 RRP 9.95

The Bowels of Christ by Graham Lironi. ‘An intelligent, original and disturbing new voice in Scottish fiction.’ A.L. Kennedy. ‘An excellent first novel.’ East Lothian Life. More reviews.
ISBN: 978-1872988-71-7, PBK, RRP 9.95.
The Song of the Forest by Colin Mackay. ‘Elegiac celebration of an unravished paradise.’ The List. ‘A lyrical delight.’ Nicholas Shakespeare. More reviews. ISBN: 978-1872988-56-3, PBK, RRP 9.95.
Chasing the Gilded Shadow by Hunter Steele. 16th-century Scotland. Costume drama with: ‘A warhorse of a plot. A high-calorie delight.’ New York Times Review of Books.

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ISBN: 0-586-08625-0, PBK, RRP 9.95.
(HBK, ISBN: 0-233-97856-9, RRP 18.95.)
Lord Hamlet’s Castle by Hunter Steele. Hamlet closer to Titus Andronicus than previously suspected; perfect antidote to Zeffirelli. ‘Fiendishly ingenious.’ Daily Mail. More reviews.
ISBN: 0-586-08694-3, PBK, RRP 9.95.
(HBK, ISBN: 0-233-98102-0, RRP 16.95.)
The Lords of Montplaisir. 17th-century France, massive costume drama, enthralling plot takes over from La Reine Margot. ‘A masterpiece of story-telling.’ Observer. More Reviews.
ISBN: 978-1872988-05-9, PBK, RRP 11.95.
(HBK, ISBN: 0-333-47485-6, RRP 18.95.)