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Hardback Fiction

Fiction by Mercedes Claras. ‘Her characterization is meticulous and precise, in a way that conveys emotion and passion.’ Scottish Book Collector. Read more reviews.

The Hawthorn Hedge, ISBN: 978-1872988-41-5, HBK, RRP 16.95.
Langwheeple, ISBN: 978-1872988-61-X, HBK, RRP 16.95.
Wandering Angus, ISBN: 978-1872988-07-5, HBK, RRP 16.95.

Short stories:
Teresa’s Decision, ISBN: 978-1872988-36-9, HBK, RRP 16.95.
Magda's Lady, ISBN 978-1872988-67-2, RRP 16.95

Spitfire Girls by Carol Gould. Lives and loves of the women ATA pilots in WW2. ‘Searing, passionate and unforgettable. A breathtaking, compulsive read.’ Annie Price. Now also available as an Arrow Books paperback. ISBN: 978-1872988-12-1, HBK, RRP 35.

Caryddwen' s Cauldron by Paul Hilton.
ISBN 978-1872988-47-4, HBK, RRP 18.95
Candyfloss Martyrs by Graham Lironi. ‘A literary Pulp Fiction...The new bad boy of Scottish fiction is misbehaving very well indeed.’ The List. Read more reviews.
ISBN: 978-1872988-27-X, HBK, RRP 16.95.
The Broken Lyre by Lorn Macintyre. See Latest Titles.
ISBN 978-1872988-82-5. RRP 16.95.

House of Lies by Colin Mackay. ‘A chilling tale of the unexpected, but also a hilarious comedy of manners.’ Scotland on Sunday. Read more reviews. ISBN: 978-1872988-46-6, HBK, RRP 16.95.
Count Dracula by Hagen Slawkberg. The Authorized Version. ‘Such a good idea I don’t know why it hasn’t been done before.’ The DarkSide. ‘A cracking good read.’ See Special Offers.
ISBN: 978-1872988-96-2, HBK, RRP 18.95.
McCandy by Hunter Steele. ‘A hugely enjoyable romp.’ Bournemouth Evening Echo. ‘Much funnier than Tom Sharpe.’ British Book News. More reviews. ISBN: 0-7195-3771-1, HBK, RRP 16.95.

Succeeding at Sex and Scotland, Or the Case of Louis Morel by Hunter Steele. Subtitled: A Tale of Two or More Mysteries. ‘A hugely ambitious and vastly long novel [and] a thunderingly good little read...astonishing.’  Scottish Book Collector. More reviews.
ISBN: 978-1872988-81-4, HBK, RRP 25.  

Chasing the Gilded Shadow by Hunter Steele. 16th-century Scotland. Costume drama with: ‘A warhorse of a plot. A high-calorie delight.’ New York Times Review of Books.
Read reviews
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ISBN: 0-586-08625-0, PBK, RRP 9.95.
(HBK, ISBN: 0-233-97856-9, RRP 18.95.)
Lord Hamlet’s Castle by Hunter Steele. Hamlet closer to Titus Andronicus than previously suspected; perfect antidote to Zeffirelli. ‘Fiendishly ingenious.’ Daily Mail. More reviews.
ISBN: 0-586-08694-3, PBK, RRP 9.95.
(HBK, ISBN: 0-233-98102-0, RRP 16.95.)
The Lords of Montplaisir. 17th-century France, massive costume drama, enthralling plot takes over from La Reine Margot. ‘A masterpiece of story-telling.’ Observer. More Reviews.
ISBN: 978-1872988-05-9, PBK, RRP 11.95.
(HBK, ISBN: 0-333-47485-6, RRP 18.95.)

La Tendresse by Ken Strauss MD. Read reviews.
ISBN 978-1872988-42-3, HBK,  RRP 18.95.

Cacknacker's Fury by Paul Wright. See Latest Titles.
ISBN 978-1872988-87-0. RRP 16.95.