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Ludwig Wittgenstein

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Supported by the Stanhill foundation. Hosted by the University of Hertfordshire

Seventh BWS Annual Conference: Wittgenstein and the Social Sciences

Saturday 13 – Sunday 14 June 2015
the University of Exeter
(held in the
Southgate Hotel, Exeter) 

Conference organiser: Dr Nigel Pleasants
Department of Sociology, Philosophy & Anthropology
University of Exeter

The full conference programme is on this  link.

Confirmed Speakers:

Jeff Coulter (Boston) Does ‘Philosophy Leave Everything As It Is’?
John Dupré (Exeter) Social Science: City Centre or Leafy Suburb?
Raimond Gaita  (Melbourne/KCL) What is so bad about Relativism?
John Gunnell (UC, Davis) Social inquiry and the pursuit of reality: A criticism of Cora Diamond
William Kitchen (Belfast) Educators ought to remember him: Wittgenstein and Education
Sabina Lovibond (Oxford) Wittgenstein, Tolstoy and the ‘Apocalyptic View’
Albert Ogien (CNRS Paris) Obligation and impersonality: Wittgenstein and the nature of the social
John Searle (UC Berkeley) The strengths and limitations of Wittgenstein’s conception of philosophy
Wes Sharrock (Manchester) Language, scheme and instance in (some) sociological studies
James M. Thompson (Halle-Wittenberg) Wittgenstein’s role in initiating the ‘practice turn’

Conference Package: Registration (includes lunch and refreshments on both days), Southgate Hotel accommodation Saturday night + breakfast, Conference Dinner: £195.00; student: £140.00.

Registration only: (includes lunch and refreshments on both days): £70; student: £40. 

Other package options available on Registration website.

To register, click here, or go to:

For more information, contact: Nigel Pleasants: